Me: Why can’t you all just behave? Cheryl: Because we’re children, Miss.

One of the tricky but unspoken things about being a teacher is that often you’re the only adult in a room full of children. And children are not adults. Because adult members of school communities are charged with preparing the children in our care for adulthood, there is a temptation for schools to require students […]

How to turn a lesson around in minutes.

Imagine the scene. It’s Thursday afternoon, and you’ve skipped lunch because you had to go to one of those life-sapping meetings, the meaningful content of which could have been conveyed in a one-line email with the subject line “Something we have to be seen to do for Ofsted if they ever turn up”. Your stomach […]

Building Strictly Positive Relationships

Everybody thinks that they are an expert on education because at some point in their life they spent the best part of at least 11 years in a classroom. It’s an easy trap to fall into – we can all think of education secretaries who have plummeted into it.

As adults, we all have experience of a childhood. This is rooted in the fact that we were all children once. We grew up in the same way as we watch our charges grow up. If we are parents we have a second experience of parenting a child and watching them develop.