I’ve moved – come and join the housewarming!

Hi there everyone – I’m settling in nicely at http://www.strictlypositiveteaching.com. Come on over and have a look-see! Maybe you’d like to follow me for all things educational, positive and kind. I know my readership! Oh, and get news about my book, finally published and available on Amazon. I’m very proud of it, and of the […]

“The average millennial attention span is now 10 seconds, which means you might not catch the end of th…” ― Trevor Carss

Concentrating on something intently enough to learn is hard work, meaning that learning something requires someone to pay attention. Most teachers and psychologists would therefore agree that the ability to focus and sustain attention is crucial to student success. I remember being told years ago that the maximum attention  span of an adult was 45 […]

We’re moving!

I’m working to update my blog with a bright new look in keeping with the design of my book cover, designed by Naomi Wilkinson. Here’s hoping that soon I will be able to redirect you to the fab new site!

Reasons to be Cheerful: Part 3

Why Strictly Positive Teaching? The positive reasons The Oxford Dictionary defines positivity as “the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude”. Interestingly, the illustration of the word is ‘pupils draw power from the positivity of their teachers’. The difference between positivity and optimism, however, is that to be optimistic you […]