Give 3 pieces of specific praise, then encouragement for the next step.

I’ve mentioned before my loathing of the ‘good!’, ‘good job!’, ‘well done!’, ‘awesome!’ style of praise of students, which is usually linked to an obsessive need to describe in detail any misdeeds which occur. I’ve also mentioned my belief in differentiating praise, so that you are praising a student for something which they normally have […]

Easy wins at the classroom door.

Students don’t arrive at your door bright-eyed and bushy tailed, eager for the spark of learning to be ignited into a flame. They get there hot and sweaty from PE, redolent of Lynx to mask the smell, or angry because they’ve been excluded from a discussion about a party which will be happening this weekend, […]

Make a parent’s day today.

At the end of the day today, when you’re tidying your desk and getting ready to go to the pub, or to football, or home, or whatever your thing is on Friday, take a moment before logging off your school management system. Look through your registers and find three kids who have properly earned your praise […]